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Apprentice 3 is still on track to be completed this year. The 10th Anniversary party launch party may end up being a winter thing, due to some unavoidable consequences of surgery. (So pizza rather than barbecue.) All that needs to be completed for the book are the illustrations for issue 12, which are in progress, and the cover painting. Both of these will be completed in the next 2 months.   Keep an eye out for work-in-progress updates. [cvm_playlist theme=”default” aspect_ratio=”16×9″ width=”640″ volume=”30″ videos=”1232″] After that, the book will be put together and printed, and we will release more info…

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  10th Anniversary Embroidered Patch Featuring the Anniversary logo and Dorian’s bow, this is a 3-inch embroidered twill patch.  It will be $4 alone or free with any purchase of our specials (full run of Apprentice, 2 matted prints or 2 glasses.) These will go up in the store post-ACen.     We have a few more items in the works that will be released at the party later this year.

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  This year marks the tenth anniversary of The Apprentice.  In honor of this, we have created some nifty new merchandise celebrating the series. In the next week we will be posting photos and more details. For now, here’s a sneak peek at the artwork. We will be having a party later this year (Chicagoland Area) to celebrate the anniversary, coinciding with the release of the third collected edition. Check in at table B06 at Animecentral for details on how to get an invitation to the party and score extra stuff.  Post-con, we will be posting that info here as…

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