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Last week leading up to the convention was, to put it mildly, a week, but it felt good to finally return to Anime Central, despite some last-minute drama surrounding the COVID protocols at the convention.  To summarize, the staffing shortage and issues that are affecting all other areas have also affected Anime Central, and attempts to supplement with outside contractors did not go so well.  However, we will give out a shout to the congoers that mask compliance appeared to be around 80-90% at any given time, so good job.  We also noted that because the vaccine check was rescinded…

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We know it has been quite some time since we last did a serious update to our blog.  It is not without good reason and we wanted to give everybody a full update on the events of the last 36 months or so. First and foremost, KW Studio is still here, we are still creating.  Those who have seen us at Acen know this, but we wanted to reiterate that out the gate.  We do admit our progress has slowed somewhat over this difficult time and for those who are waiting on new issues and updates, we apologize for that. …

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We spent the weekend at Animecentral, finally premiering Apprentice Vol.3, as well as the new edition of Volume 1. It’s been a long time-Alysia’s surgery ended up being a lot more involved than initially expected.  We’ve been doing our best to use the time productively and we have some new projects in the works. We will be posting a con report soon, as well as more updates and an article about recovering from injuries to your drawing hand. 😉

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