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I wanted to give a brief update on the state of things with the studio, since we’ve had a long silence.  I injured my wrist pretty severely last fall and have been dealing with the fallout for the last several months, which has wreaked havoc on our schedule. Primarily, this has pushed back the release of the third Apprentice collected volume, due to an inability to draw for extended periods.  Therapy is helping, so we expect to release it later this year. We have managed to put together some new merchandise to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Apprentice, which will…

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The new books are in and they look great. (We found a new printer and will be doing a review later.) This book collects issues 5-8.  Issue 9 will be out later this year. We will be returning for our 15th year in Artist Alley at Anime Central.  See us at table D31! There will be new prints (including some foil test proofs), postcard sets, posters and a new batch of Rufus plush for sale. We will probably be offering some Friday deals, so come check us out early in the con. The new volume and some other items will be going…

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The cover painting for Volume 2 is finished! This was the biggest project to complete to prepare the second volume, so it should be ready soon.  After the processing is done for this image, we should have a more solid release date.  We will be running a sale on the Volume 1 ebook next week, so if you haven’t purchased it yet, that would be the time to get caught up with the story for the next volume. (It would also make a great present for someone else. 😉 ) Happy Thanksgiving!

Blog Comics & Stories The Apprentice