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10th Anniversary Glasses Available at Animecentral 2017! The first piece of anniversary merchandise are these 12 0z. glasses etched with the sign of “The Drunken Unicorn,” Catarina’s tavern in The Apprentice. The reverse has the 10th Anniversary logo.  These are very nice, sturdy glasses, dishwasher safe, with a lifetime guarantee on the imprint.  This will be the only run of the anniversary design-any future glasses will have a different design, so be sure to pick it up, loyal readers! More new things coming Monday! In other news, The Apprentice, Volume 2 is back in stock. We used the reprint as an opportunity to…

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When bankers get together for dinner, they discuss Art. When artists get together for dinner, they discuss Money. – Oscar Wilde I have yet to meet an artist that doesn’t feel the need to do a better job organizing their finances. It’s important to keep track of your income and expenditures so you can identify issues, evaluate your product sales, and get your taxes straight. Over the last few years I’ve been putting together a set of spreadsheets to manage our studio finances. It occurred to me that this might be useful to other people, especially those starting out, so…

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We’re back to conventioning again. Things got crazy with the day jobs for a while. We’re at table H03 in the artists alley with Apprentice 10.