Tag: <span>How Not To Starve As A Starving Artist</span>

Some of the most important things to learn in order to be successful in the Artist’s Alley are proper pricing of your work and how to allocate and control costs for producing your items.  It’s necessary to set prices at a level where items will both sell and turn a reasonable profit. (If you think artists making profit on their work is somehow wrong or excessive –there’s the door. These posts are not for you.)

1. How much does it cost you?

Divide the total cost of production by the amount you produce.

You arrive at the total cost of production by adding the cost of making each unit, supplies used to make it, and the cost of the labor to produce it.  Divide that cost by the number of units you intend to make.


First off, the con went great!  We were happy to get our new collected editions, which look beautiful and will be up for sale in the next couple of days.  If you were at the con, you got them at the low, low con price of $10.  Also new at the table was Apprentice number 5 illustrated by the lovely Min, also to be available within the next couple of days.


If you could please stop people whose creative work I enjoy from going insane, turning out to be creepy/racist/whatever or suddenly sucking like Hoovers for at least three months, it would be much appreciated.  Also, please do something about letting the untrained near Photoshop.



In other news, we’re being productive.  Look for more art to be posted, previews of soon to be finished projects and some updates on old projects.