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Fortune's Passage Issue #3 Pg. 1
Fortune's Passage Issue #3 Pg. 1

As promised, here’s an update, with a bonus bad movie review!  The above image is the first page of Fortune’s Passage Issue 3, which we should be releasing in the next year. FINALLY.


We were very productive today, with a layout for the Apprentice collected volume cover, another page of tones, lots of cleanup, book layout and one new illustration for the Apprentice nearly done.  This illustration will probably end up as a poster, it’s snazzy.

Bad Movie Review – The Nightmare Castle


If you could please stop people whose creative work I enjoy from going insane, turning out to be creepy/racist/whatever or suddenly sucking like Hoovers for at least three months, it would be much appreciated.  Also, please do something about letting the untrained near Photoshop.



In other news, we’re being productive.  Look for more art to be posted, previews of soon to be finished projects and some updates on old projects.


No matter where you go, there you are.

And where we are is slowly getting somewhere.  Yay!  We don’t know where yet.



I swear we’re not smoking anything right now.

As you can see, we’re finally getting somewhere on the site, and there is a piece of new art.

For those who didn’t attend Anime Central this year, we’ve just released the fourth Apprentice short story, and are hard at work on the fifth.  We will have the first collected volume ready for ACen 2011 at the latest.