Dear Universe…

If you could please stop people whose creative work I enjoy from going insane, turning out to be creepy/racist/whatever or suddenly sucking like Hoovers for at least three months, it would be much appreciated.  Also, please do something about letting the untrained near Photoshop.



In other news, we’re being productive.  Look for more art to be posted, previews of soon to be finished projects and some updates on old projects.

Artist’s block seems to be gone for me-meaning more stuff coming.  Possibilities include another Haiku anthology in the works, Fortune’s Passage finally restarting and going back into print/online and Eccentric Tomato coming online.

We are also hard at work on volume 5 of “The Apprentice”.  Several illustrations are finished and part of the work I have been doing will help in finishing the cover.  Yes Virginia, I’ve finally gotten off my butt and am finishing model sheets for the Apprentice.

The collected edition of Volumes 1-4 is in the process of being put together.  I’m working on a layout for the cover and we’re pulling together supplemental material including some new illustrations for Volume 1 to add to the book.

Also, starting very soon, we will begin posting articles based on the “How Not To Starve As A Starving Artist” business panels we’ve been doing at Anime Central for many years. These will include such useful subjects as not getting ripped off by printers, the economics of choosing a print run size, interacting with convention staff and budgeting your studio.

2011 is the 10th anniversary of publishing for Kumate Works and we’re hard at work to make it a memorable year. (We’ve been in existence since 1999-we published Fortune’s Passage #1 for Anime Central 2001.)

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