Karoshi Con 2015

We started convention season off strong at Karoshi Con in DeKalb, IL at NIU. Karoshi is always a fun con because it’s low cost and low stress. The attendees are friendly and nobody has EVER been a jerk at Karoshi. This is the only convention we can say that of. Things ran mostly smooth, so kudos to the new staff. They kinda forgot to announce us on the vendor’s list but we got that straightened out quick.

We and our local comic friends comprised about 3/4 of the vendors, which made the atmosphere extra fun. This became especially apparent when we had a networking discussion with an aspiring comic artist and started pointing out everybody who we knew.

We had a slightly defective silk Air bag that we ended up using as a prize for a scavenger hunt which was won by an unusually happy and enthusiastic Slenderman. Congratulations!

We also managed to get one of our Art Jam artists to try her hand at shilling at the table for the first time. Great job at making us sales, Sarah!

We did good sales, met fun people and then went out for a tasty dinner with 20 of our dear convention friends. Shout outs to: Darrick and Stephanie, Jhim, Sarah, Jason, Grant, Lashita, Mr and Mrs Short, Emily, Natalie, Andy, Addie, Annie and everybody else from dinner who we can’t remember because there were 20 PEOPLE there! Extra special love to our waitress at Yen Ching who managed to sort out 10 separate checks. You rock every year!

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