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She claims she can sell more books than we can.  Which is probably true.


The new books are in and they look great. (We found a new printer and will be doing a review later.) This book collects issues 5-8.  Issue 9 will be out later this year. We will be returning for our 15th year in Artist Alley at Anime Central.  See us at table D31! There will be new prints (including some foil test proofs), postcard sets, posters and a new batch of Rufus plush for sale. We will probably be offering some Friday deals, so come check us out early in the con. The new volume and some other items will be going…

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We started convention season off strong at Karoshi Con in DeKalb, IL at NIU. Karoshi is always a fun con because it’s low cost and low stress. The attendees are friendly and nobody has EVER been a jerk at Karoshi. This is the only convention we can say that of. Things ran mostly smooth, so kudos to the new staff. They kinda forgot to announce us on the vendor’s list but we got that straightened out quick. We and our local comic friends comprised about 3/4 of the vendors, which made the atmosphere extra fun. This became especially apparent when we…