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2. Plan your wardrobe for uncomfortable conditions.

You have two choices of convention habitats.
Either too hot or too cold, with the additional options of too humid or too dry. The larger the venue, the more difficult it is to have any sort of control over the temperature. It may also vary widely over the course of the day.  Often large exhibit halls are chilly early in the morning and stifling at the height of the day. You need to plan your clothing to deal with these conditions. Otherwise, you’re going to be distracted at best or miserable at worst.

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Convention season is starting to pick up for the year, so we’re putting together some thoughts on how to manage your conventioning without going crazy.  Over the years, we’ve observed a lot of common problems and come up with solutions for many of them.  At this point, we can walk into our studio closet right now and walk out again prepared for a local show. If we need to travel, we only need a day to pack up and prep our personal items and do our food shopping.  How do you achieve this level of skill? Read on.


1. Bring your own healthy food & snacks. Also, make sure you have backup meal options.

It’s difficult to acquire healthy food at many venues, and given the high stress environment and crowds, it is even more important than normal to make sure that you are eating properly and staying hydrated in order to stay healthy.


We’ve been doing conventions since 2001, and the main difference we’ve tracked in whether or not any of us end up with con plague is what we ate.  Whenever we don’t bring food, we get sick, without fail.  Not bringing food also makes it more likely that you’ll skip meals, which will not only affect your health, but is likely to make you cranky with your customers and hurt your sales.

Blog Tips & Tricks