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Laser Hawk

Starring Mark Hamill, the slightly growed-up kid from Free Willy and some other guys.  Except that Mark Hamill only got about 30 minutes of screen time.  We think they just wanted to make this movie seem more like Star Wars, but could only afford so much of Mark Hamill.  The budget ran out, so they killed him off.  However, we are getting ahead of ourselves.


If you could please stop people whose creative work I enjoy from going insane, turning out to be creepy/racist/whatever or suddenly sucking like Hoovers for at least three months, it would be much appreciated.  Also, please do something about letting the untrained near Photoshop.



In other news, we’re being productive.  Look for more art to be posted, previews of soon to be finished projects and some updates on old projects.


The KW Crew is working, despite the heat.  I’m thinking about moving this shindig to the incubator if it’s this hot or worse come next week.

Lesson for today, yes Virginia, Fuu really does know how to figure stuff out in WordPress.  And just to prove it, here are some new galleries we started setting up today.

First, a new sketchbook image that Min did:


And two images from The Apprentice, Volume 4: