Ready for ACEN!

ACEN Prep is done!

We have lots of new stuff for ACEN 2011, which will be available online within the next month.  We have the Apprentice Collected #1, which contains issues 1-4 in a handy paperback format.  Issue 5 will also be available. The remainder of Issues 1-4 will be available at the sale price of 75 cents each.

We’ve also produced some high quality matted prints, as well as posters with both old favorites and new illustrations.  We are using a new printer with excellent results.

Melinda will be exhibiting new dolls, including OTTERS,  owls, cats and teabags. Alysia will have hairsticks, and will be taking art commissions for the first time in a few years.

We will be next to Panda Rage this year, who will be exhibiting a new book as well, so be sure to check us out!

Our stock for ACEN 2011
Some of our stock for ACEN 2011

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