Some new art & a brief update

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Here’s a bit of new art, since we’ve been so bad about posting lately. The first two are some quickie paintings I did at conventions to amuse myself at the table. I don’t know if they’re quite ready for prime time as prints, but I might put together a mini artbook at some point.

The last piece is the new Apprentice poster. After I print up some stock, I’ll be updating the store with that and some other new prints.

Our biggest news is that with the release of Apprentice #8 at Animecentral, we are nearly ready to release the second collected book.  I am working on the cover painting and supplemental material right now.  Our current plan is to debut that book at Ramencon 2014.  We will also be releasing both collected volumes as ebooks around the same time, and will be offering coupons for the ebook version free with the print book purchase. More info will be coming as we get closer to the release.


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