Anime Central 2012 Con Report

Anime Central 2012 Con Report

Kumate Works studio joined Anime Central for its 15 year anniversary this last weekend.  The weekend went by really fast, we don’t remember most of it, but we’ll do our best to relay the highlights.

Set up was Thursday night and went very smooth.  Shout out to IRT for being so kind and courteous for making sure we could come and go as necessary since badges weren’t ready yet.  We didn’t get to sit next to Darrick Chen and Panda Rage, but we were back to back.  Shout out to him and his new book, Dead Man’s Stand.  Also, he was the primary illustrator for our Apprentice 6 book.  Instead we were next to Brad with Chainmail Creations.  Hi Brad!  You were awesome.  Thanks for fixing Alysia’s bag.
We got our room at the Embassy this year.  Yea breakfast!

We had two panels scheduled this year.  Copyright 101 and How Not to Starve as a Starving Artist.  There were some scheduling snafus and issues that resulted in the panels getting bumped around a lot, so we apologize for anybody who didn’t get to attend.  Thanks to everybody who found us and did get to attend.  Fuu promises to post the reference links to Copyright 101 soon.

Friday morning saw Fuu running off to conduct the Copyright 101 panel.  She had about a dozen people and her boss thought to call in the middle.  Apparently, in silencing the phone, she actually turned on the speaker instead and her boss got to listen in for awhile.  Back to the table, shout outs to the contingent of Apprentice fans who stopped by to get the latest book.  No need to run, and yes you can buy them.  Everybody’s money is good at our table.  How Not to Starve as a Starving Artist went well in the afternoon and we ended our day ordering takeout which turned into an adventure for Min and Jim.

Saturday dawned bright and dreary outside, but fortunately no rain yet.  We took turns manning the table.  Fuu treated herself to some comics and DVDs.  Ishi worked on a new painting all weekend, which will be posted once it’s done.  Min sold many, many plushies.  Bon was a good table lackey, who brought Fuu both a sandwich and an Aang cosplayer.  There were some issues with loud music, but considering that was the biggest problem, we think it went well.  An artist did a huge chalk drawing not far from the table, and was awesome.  Shout out to Dirk and congratulations on the card game release.  We managed to miss the fire alarm incident at the Hyatt because Min had gone home with Jim and Fuu and Ishi were enjoying their first experience with room service.  Which was pretty decent, if a bit pricey.  Melt in your mouth filet and tasty crab cake sliders for the win.  We ended up stopping by the hotel, escorting a staff member to EMT after the fire alarm incident and then retiring for the night.

Sunday was pretty quiet.  More comic shopping and Ishi treated herself to a fun pocket watch.  Shout outs to Addy, the girl with the ponies, Allie and Peter and all the other independent comickers.  We were very impressed with the depth, breadth and quality of the work in the alley this year.  Fire and panel issues aside, the con went pretty smooth.  Book sales were not as good as expected, but the preview books we sent around created a lot of buzz, so we’re quite happy with the exposure.  We’re planning to have some new comics in time for our next convention, Ramen Con – as soon as we can get a spot confirmed.  So please come visit us there and check in with the website for further updates.

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