Pre-Acen Update

Sorry about the radio silence, had our heads down getting lots of comic work done over the winter. Finding photo reference for occult figures of the 1930’s is so much fun, let me tell you.

Big news is that Fortune’s Passage is coming back into print this fall, with a new issue, as well as a revised and expanded reprint of issues 1 & 2. Haiku #2 will also be coming out later this year, and will hopefully be acquiring a more regular schedule.  Free previews of these projects will be available at ACen, with a possible release this September, if our plans to attend Ramencon work out.

Apprentice #6 will be making its debut at ACen as well, featuring artwork by Darrick Chen, author and artist of Onward Bound. (Darrick will also be promoting his latest book, Dead Man’s Stand, at Acen.)

We will be at Table 177 in the Alley, Darrick will be at tables 173-174, right around the corner.

Christine will be doing her panel on copyright and we will be doing the How Not To Starve As A Starving Artist panel.  The topic will be making marketable products.

See you at ACen.

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