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We haven’t given a con report on anything we’ve done recently, so we’re doing a super big con report for this year.  Cons visited this years include: Karoshi Con, Anime Central, the Hammond Art Tour, Elmhurst Public Library Comic Show, OPPL Con and Ramencon. What a schedule! Karoshi was fun as always and was a good start to the year, even though we forgot a part of our display. It was Jhim43’s birthday that day and Min brought mint meltaway cupcakes. Our friend Sara was exhibiting there for her first convention experience and made a big splash. Congratulations Sara!  …

Events & Event Reports

We’re back to conventioning again. Things got crazy with the day jobs for a while. We’re at table H03 in the artists alley with Apprentice 10.


  I didn’t have time to post for the last few days, so I’m combining to get caught up.  All of these were sketched directly in ink from the reference or model.  I’m trying to practice drawing more accurately and with less hesitancy, and using ink forces me to avoid erasing. The pig has a false start where I meant to draw my cat, but she noticed me looking and came over to sit on the sketchbook. #inktober