Year: <span>2013</span>

Non-Photo Blue Tools and Supplies
Non-Photo Blue Tools and Supplies

One of the tools we get asked about the most is non-photo blue pencil.

I pencil in non-photo blue for most of our comic book pages, unless I can’t get a hold of it. Changes in the graphic design industry have made it more difficult to acquire, especially as mechanical pencil leads. I’ve recently found a new source and switched back to using it. More on that later.

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Wheee, pictures! More to come on the Facebook page.

This was our 13th year at Animecentral.   We were actually well prepared this year, with everything finished by Monday.   We debuted issue seven of The Apprentice  (illustrated by Jim Nelson) and a new stock of elemental design silk Bags of Infinite Possibility.

We also had a brand-new backdrop display with new banners and table cover, as well as new signage.

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