The Apprentice, Issue #1-Dorian The Beardless

I released the end of the spell. My purple friend ended his own magic and landed near by. Dizziness swept over me and I wavered on my feet. Strong arms caught me before I could fall in. Peregrine gently laid me on the ground.
“Are you okay?” he asked, his anxious face hovered above me.
“I’m fine.” I assured him. He had never seen me do anything really serious before, and didn’t know about the fatigue that usually followed. “I just need to rest for a bit.”
“Oh good.” His face relaxed into awe and admiration. “That was really something Dorian. I mean, wow, it was like…”
“Thanks, though the Vlatz helped a lot.” I said, embarrassed. The Vlatz flapped around us and chittered excitedly. The purple one landed on my lap.
“Wizard, we are in your debt.” It said. “You have saved us from starvation. From now on, I am your companion and servant.”
“Thanks.” The Vlatz were cute but powerful, especially the way they could add to your energy level. It could be useful. “Glad to have you.”
Peregrine seemed amused. “Leave it to you to get a purple Vlatz as your familiar. Welcome to the crew, little lady.”
“I am no female!” the purple Vlatz declared, indignant. “And my name is Rufus.” I laughed as Peregrine looked taken aback.
“I apologize. I just assumed because you were purple…” Peregrine stammered, wanting to make amends.
“Peregrine, never make assumptions about another person’s gender based on their appearance.” I slowly rose to my feet. “Let’s get back to the village. I need food and rest. You get to carry the kid.”

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