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Posting 2 images today, because I wasn’t able to draw and post yesterday due to some travel issues. October 1: This horse at Old Bedford Village had a policy-no petting, only food. She started going through my jacket pocket when I ran out of treats.             October 2: This was a fragment of jawbone from the Ossuary display at the Mütter Museum.                       #inktober


The cover painting for Volume 2 is finished! This was the biggest project to complete to prepare the second volume, so it should be ready soon.  After the processing is done for this image, we should have a more solid release date.  We will be running a sale on the Volume 1 ebook next week, so if you haven’t purchased it yet, that would be the time to get caught up with the story for the next volume. (It would also make a great present for someone else. 😉 ) Happy Thanksgiving!

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We spent this year’s vacation at Niagara Falls, New York. Completely touristy destination, but neither of us had ever been.  We had a lot of fun, and went to some interesting places aside from the falls, including the Herschell Carrousel Museum and the Erie Canal. I was able to get in a little bit of sketching, made more interesting by having to work around crowds. Even in the off-season, everywhere was pretty busy. It’s tricky to find  a good viewpoint that isn’t constantly blocked by people. It’s also quite difficult to draw in public without attracting attention. I don’t necessarily mind the…